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And everything went black..

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Yesterday evening, when just doing a quick check, my laptop screen went black.. and came back, and went black again.
I’ve been using the laptop all day and no problems, but it seems the connection between motherboard and display somehow to loose getting home. moving the laptop would turn the screen on/off/garbled.
So I brought my laptop back today and got a replacement unit, exactly the same laptop with swapped hardisk, so I could continue to work :-) , nothing beats a good 5 year warranty.

I hope they can fix it ASAP, I hate working on and having to carry a laptop around that isn’t mine.

Gmpc release has yet again be delayed because a (small) bug showed it’s ugly head. If you resume from standby, somehow gmpc thinks it’s disconnected while it is connected. Hope I can solve this one quick, if not, I do a release anyway.