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Fedora 8, installation and dependency madness

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First I had terrible time installing it (cdrom not being detected, because of some weird error)
Then after installing it via a the net, the gui got stuck.
Then after installing it from the text-base installer it worked, but with a complete mad Xorg.conf. (dualhead completely screwed up)
After some old style XF86 eeeuh org.conf voodoo X worked right.

But then the real madness started…..

installing git pulled 36 dependency packages, like subversion (wth?), cvs (WTH?) emacs (WTH?), I install git because I don’t use subversion/cvs anymore.. and emacs? don’t even want to think what the reason for that is.
Same goes for gtk2-devel, it pulls in openjade, w3m and 19mb more.. I just want some header files..

My ubuntu download is at 72%..


p.s. fedora 8 install on my mac mini (ppc) was flawless. And fedora 8 has a decent working pulseaudio setup… but it aint for me..