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MdCover2, what does it do?

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Some of you might have noticed I have added a mdcover2 plugin on my repository.
Well mdcover2 is what I original intended for mdcover:

I have my music organized following a very strict of rules.
It looks like this:
Metadata is inserted in this structure as well.
The rules define that the tag contents and directory naming should be an exact match.

So for mdcover you can write rules to match this structure.
For example to grab an image is the following rule:
<br /> if "%artist%" >= "L"<br /> then<br /> put "L-Z"<br /> else<br /> put "0-K"<br /> fi<br /> put "/"<br /> put "%artist%"1<br /> put "/%artist%"<br /> put "/"<br /> if "%date%" != ""<br /> Then<br /> put "%date% - "<br /> fi<br /> put "%album%"<br /> put "/"<br /> put "%album%.jpg"<br />

put (as you might have guessed) appends an element to the path, %artist% and equal are parsed and replaced.
This would allow the plugin to search for metadata on a very well defined way.
Now the trouble is, how am I going to hide this behind a nice “user-friendly” gui.


p.s. put “something”1 will only output the first character of something.