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Gmpc magnatune plugin memory reduction.

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Being ill is not fun, but it does give you the time to tackle something that is been buggin you for a while.
(if you are not to ill, off course).

I’ve spend 30 minutes replacing libxml in the magnatune plugin with libaxl.

What happens in the following plots is the following:

  1. start gmpc. (first “bar”)
  2. tell magnatune to fetch a new database. (“the low part”)
  3. let gmpc load it. (The next spike)
  4. let gmpc remove all unneeeded entries (from a previous attempted to keep things in check, this reduces tree with 60%).
  5. close gmpc (vallgrind was using around 2.5 gig of memory at this time, so my machine was swapping like crazy).

Libxml (on archlinux x86_64):
libxml magnatune cycle

libaxl (on archlinxu x86_64):
axl magnatune cycle