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Playing with vala.

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I’ve been playing with vala a bit today. It looks nice, but it is some puzzling to get some stuff to work.

I’ve modified the glade vala binding (from the ml) to make it work. autoconnecting signals still won’t work, but for the rest it works fine:

`using GLib;
using Gtk;</p>

[CCode (cheader_filename = "glade/glade-xml.h,gtk/gtk.h")]
namespace Glade {

[CCode (cname= "GladeXML")]
public class Xml {

public Xml(string filename, string root, string domain);

public void signal_autoconnect();

public void signal_connect(string handlername, GLib.Callback cb);

public weak Gtk.Widget get_widget(string widgetname);

public static string get_widget_name(Gtk.Widget widget);

public static Xml get_widget_tree(Gtk.Widget widget);