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(continuing) Developing xmacro

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I needed a tool that could record, and playback key and mouse presses on linux with little deps as possible.
So the first (and logic) program I tried was the very nice xnee.. But xnee had weird problem, when recording it often didn’t record the ButtonPressEvent. Also the outputted file wasn’t the easiest to adjust by hand.
After some fiddling around it and failing to get it to work, I tried some other stuff.
I wound up trying xmacro, it hasn’t been developed in 4 years, but it recorded the mouse and keyboard presses correctly. But it lacked some stuff (like storing the delays between clicks and moves).
So after a small hack session, I had that working. So I decided, if I am going to use this code anyway, why not continue to develop on it, and bring it in public.

So, with permission of the author, I am continuing to work on xmacro and hope to release a version soon.

Trouble in Bol.Com country.
I’ve been quiet a fan of bol.com, ordered several things from them and never had problems, until now.
Monday the 2nd I ordered a GPS receiver, that should be delivered the next day. The package didn’t arrive. So Friday I start investigating, on the website it said it was send, yet on the Track and Trace from TNT it said they never received the package from bol.com.
So I mailed, no reply, so I called the next day.
What they told me was (in short) 24h deliveries often go wrong, and they wait for 8 workdays before taking action (actually I have to call them to initiate the action). So with the weekend included, that is 10!! days. I complained that waiting for 10 days before action on a 24h delivery is a bit weird. There solution, order another one (and I would have to pay it) and when the other package arrive I have to send it back to get a refund. No way I am going todo this.
So I asked if I could cancel the order? the answer: Yes, send it back when you receive it and you get a refund. GREAT!
So I asked them if it was any use calling TNT and the answer was no…

Sunday evening I get a reply on my e-mail, telling the same story, but telling me to call TNT. So I replied, repeating the same as on the telephone.

So I will wait until the 13th, and then call again. hopefully I have it delivered the 14th then.
But I am not soon going to order anything from bol.com again because service is hard to find when something is going wrong. Not to forget, it is off course not there fault, but tnt’s, yeah right.