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1 april, and more

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I don’t mind april the first jokes. But this is not fun anymore. slashdot has nothing but aprilfools jokes, one would have been sufficient. (I did laugh allot from about google’s joke.)


MPD is somewhat low on active developers, most of us are very busy. But MPD in total is not dead, not even close. We still have allot of actively developed clients. We have clients for just about any available system: windows, mac, linux, bsd, remotes, mobile phones, handhelds, web, web 2.0 (aka ajax),etc we have plugins for gaim, irssi,xchat,etc….

MPD itself is not the 1000th version of yet another music player. It’s quiet unique in what it does, and certainly was one of the first in the field. It’s a very low-end music player daemon and will run on Pentium 75 or faster but also on routers, and ipod’s..

So you probably have figured out where I was heading, mpd needs developers. People to maintain the code, cleanup and add features. People to write/maintain documentation and provide support.

So this everybody who is using MPD and loving it, or is interested in it and looking for a project to help out, please consider MPD.

Website: http://musicpd.org
IRC: #mpd @ irc.freenode.net
Mail: qball _@_ qballcow.nl (remove _) or the developers list on sf.net