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MP3 Player updates, finally working under linux

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I’ve bought a philips hdd6320 mp3 player a while back. it was the cheapest  Euro/GB I could find  (€5 per GB). I couldn’t get the device to work properly under linux, it would do one command correctly then it would give problems on closing the usb connection. Only way to get it working again was to restart it..  This same problem seems to cause database corruptions under windows as well.

I ran a firmware update  (it seems to be available when updating the ‘manager’ program.) and this seems to fix it nicely.  I successfully uploaded 1000 songs to my mp3 player using gnomad2.

This program works reasonably well, but could use allot of gui love,  If I have more time I might make a small program myself that can upload/convert songs and add cover art.

I would like to use banshee to upload the songs, but it can’t handle my 20000+ songs, neither can most others.

This is why I love mpd, it takes 20000 songs without blinking, even 50000 songs isn’t a problem.

Gmpc itself  is getting better and better handling allot of music, and providing alot of features without eating all your memory away..

This is a memory profile of gmpc with 12 plugins, a 20000+ playlist. I also done a database search and playlist search when making this graph. Not bad, if I say so myself.
I’ve slowly been moving parts of gmpc to GObjects (using the nice gob2). It feels nice to remove allot of code.
One thing I want todo is figure out how to define your own interfaces using the gobject system, this would be very useful for plugins.