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Task lists… and syncing update

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I’ve implemented a Flat-File backend for gtodo2 yesterday (and polished it in the train today).

It took surprisingly little work, I had to add one C file (GTodoFlatFileProvider.c) , and include it in a list of ‘providers’.

It should support everything the other provider does.  But I cannot give guarantees.

It’s available in svn for people wanted to try it out. There isn’t yet a nice gui to add a ‘flatfilebackend’ task list, but if you do File->New, fill in the info but leave filename empty it should create a flatfilebackend list.

It will create subdirectories for categories, and files (with numbers as filename) as tasks, these files have a simple ini style format (using g_key_file_ functions).

I did some small test, and unison seems to be syncing it fine.


p.s. it’s completely gnome_vfs based, so if you open ~/.gtodo/list2 you should be able to enter any gnome-vfs allowed uri. so you can place it on ssh/ftp. But this is untested.