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Task lists… and syncing

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Because of lack of time and energy gtodo(2) developement has gone to a grinding halt.

But that doesn’t solve my everlasting need for something to store my todo’s.

While gtodo and gtodo2 both work ok enough todo this job, they both lack one important thing: Syncing. (actually I wrote a small tool for gtodo1 that does this.. but it’s not how I want it )
I work on several different pc’s (desktop, laptop, mac mini etc)  and from time to time with different installations on them. I use the magnificent tool unison to sync my Documents directories, and it would be more then awesome to have it sync my todo’s too.

But (yes there always is one) a todo  list has a nasty effect, it is  often edited. Before/after I work on a document I sync my tree, but for the todo list I don’t do that all the time.

So this will go wrong:

PC A:  Add todo item A

PC B: Edit todo item C

PC A: Edit todo item A

now unison can’t merge  this.. so I either get a file with up2date C and withouth A or visa versa. How to solve this? easy! Make every todo item a separate file. Then A gets added and C is  updated. If I find some time, I should write a ‘flat file’ backend for gtodo2. There is some pending changes in this part of gtodo2 (written by eleusis) so I will have to wait until those are merged… Q