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GMPC 0.14.0 Release Candidate 1

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It’s finally here. gmpc 0.14.0 Release Candidate 1.

This needs allot of testing, I am not even 100% sure the generated tar.gz files are correct. I wrote a small script that build them (it removes the GOB2 dependency for example).

A small list of some of the changes in 0.14.0:

Gmpc runs on linux, bsd, mac osX, and windows.

But if this isn’t enough there are several plugins to add functionality to gmpc. To name a few:

You can get the Release Candidate here

Bugs can be reported here, or you can contact via IRC on #mpd on freenode.net

NOTE: To install gmpc you first need to install libmpd.  if you installed libmpd but gmpc cannot find it, try setting PKG_CONFIG_PATH. (export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/lib/pkgconfig/ )