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I’ve tried beryl today on my laptop.

At first it didn’t work, segfaults kind of fun. After searching the web a little I found out that todays update broke beryl for fglrx. So one downgrade later I had everything running.  There is only one thing I can say  WOW! It really is improved since the last time I tried it..

It doesn’t crash every 3 minutes anymore, if it does crash it nicely starts metacity for you.

The beryl setting manager is allot better.

From what I’ve seen, this can compete with vista’s “WOW” easily.  Seeing your window go up in fire is just fancy.  Or when rotating the “cube” looking against the back of playing dvd is show-off on the highest level. But ……

Yes, there is a but, there always is. I can’t see how people can get work done with all these animations and effects, they take so much time, and distract.  I’ve spend some time trimming the settings done to something workable.

This left me with just a few things enabled:

  1. Alt-tab behavior. Seeing small preview windows is useful, it provides extra visual clues that helps you pick the right one fast..

  2. Expose (scale it’s called I think). Same as for 1.

  3. The cube.  Switching workspace is often done when switching from one task to another. Then the extra time it costs  isn’t a big problem.

One other plugin I found useful is the Opasify plugin. If you hoover your mouse above a partially exposed window, it will make the other windows transparent, allowing you to view the content of that window.  It’s triggered from time to time when you don’t want it, but overall usefull.

I saw in the beryl setting manager that dualscreen is supported. So I might install my desktop pc (when I have time) with a 32bit linux to give it a try.

Norah Jones – Not Too Late

As I  blogged last time, I’ve bought this cd. Now that I listened to it some more, I find it harder and harder to give a real opinion about it.  I am starting to love a few songs, but others I constantly skip because I dislike them. I didn’t had that before with a N. Jones album. I wish she sang more Jazzy stuff.


p.s. I found out today on the ubuntu forums that my harddisk crashed a month ago, and that caused the gmpc development to slow down. It’s nice that I am finally aware of this, now to find that harddisk.