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Not too late

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I’ve bought the new album from Norah Jones today: “Not Too Late”

Like always it’s a pleasure to listen to, again and again. Her voice is simply beautiful, there is no need to polish it using a computer (Like they do with most artist from the hit lists).

Having that said, I am not a big fan of the direction her music is taking. It is getting more and more ‘pop’ and less ‘Jazzy’, but that is just a matter of taste.

Today I’ve been also enjoying Lizz Wright, this is also an amazing singer. In my opinion she can easily compete with Norah Jones. But she isn’t very known.

Her second album is allot better  then the first, if you like the genre, it’s one album that shouldn’t be missing in your collection.

If you want to listen, there are some recordings of her on youtube.