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There we go again, Part 3

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Well, I’ve fixed my pc. Replaced the motherboard.

But stupidly enough, this new motherboard doesn’t spin down the cpu fan.

So I bought (10E luckely) a new fan, some AC Silencer 64 ultra tcl. (yeah fancy name).

It works pretty good, it regulates itself between 500-1000rpm, and keeps the cpu under full load at around 47 degrees (33 at no load), while this is hotter then with the old fan spinning at full speed, it’s atleast doable for my ears and still below the max temp advised by AMD.

I hope it will still work sufficiently during the summer.

Now to replace the case fan to get it really quiet, I might even get it better then before.


p.s. might get the temp down another bit by replacing the thermal paste, the one that came with the new cooler was a thick as clay, and I couldn’t get it spread out nicely. So I used some old I had lying around, and it wasn’t very much.


I’ve bought a silent case fan (13dB, 5E), it cools a bit less then the old one, but that is just 1-2 degrees.

The machine is nicely quiet now, I think it’s even slightly better then  it was before the motherboard broke down.