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There we go again, part 2

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As (not clearly) posted before, my pc broke down again.

This time it didn’t spring back to life after a few days. So I’ve decided to replace the motherboard (after testing every component beside the cpu in another setup).

I was smart enough to remove the cpu from the old one, to check the socket version. The socket version didn’t seem to be the problem,  The stupid cooler was stuck to the cpu, so I couldn’t pull it off.

So after some cursing I gave it a gentle yet firm jank, and it came off, with the cpu still attached. (the cpu socket still in lock position, because I couldn’t reach it/flip it under the cooler).

After inspecting the cpu, there didn’t seem to be any damage, so I continued my quest, removing the cpu from the cooler.  After trying severall “gentle” things, I again had to resort to violence, and again it came off undamaged.

So next thing is to buy a new motherboard (and probly going to replace fan), and pray the cpu is indeed not damaged.

Wish me luck,


p.s. what is the best way to remove the old thermal grease from the cpu?