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What is gmpc?

gmpc, Gnome Music Player Client, is a graphical fronted for the music player daemon. It’s written using the gtk+ toolkit. It’s one of the oldest, still active, clients. Gmpc is my quest/search for a good music player.

Why mpd

There was nothing else that could compare. I build a itx box, and was looking for a nice server-client model player. I’ve tried several program, I kinda stick to mpd for a few reasons.

  1. It just worked, not many others did that.
  2. Little dependencies, and ran fine on lower end machines.
  3. Libmpdclient, this was a big one, a nice way to write a small program to connect to the daemon. For other programs I had todo everything from scratch.
  4. Good support, shank (the mpd developer) fixed bugs before I could finish my sentence.

Focus points

There are several things I find important in gmpc.

  1. It must be fast. One thing that made me stick to gmpc it’s fast. I want it to stay fast, no matter if I am on a slow network, or try to load 20.000 songs in one big playlist.
  2. light weight. I can’t stand programs like amarok or banshee that easily use up 200-300mb of memory. Gmpc starts up with a memory usage of 2.3 mbyte.
  3. Easy song browsing. I have allot of music ripped to my pc, so I want an easy way to browse it. I try to provide this in gmpc.
  4. Portability. Gmpc runs on linux, freebsd, mac osX, windows.
  5. Stay up-to-date with mpd.


Out of the box gmpc has the following features:


Like any product, gmpc is not done. There are several things that needs attention.

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