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gmpc libmpd version checking runtime

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I’ve had alot of “bogus” bug reports lately, almost all caused by people having to libmpd installed in different location. It would compile against the right version, but the wrong version would be used runtime.

So after fighting with (mostly unnecessary) with autotools, I’ve added a #define LIBMPD_VERSION to libmpd, and a char *libmpd_version = to mpd. By comparing those you can do a (runtime) check if the libmpd you compiled against has the same version as the runtime version. This most likely isn’t the best solution to this problem, but for now it does the job.

You get a popup telling you that you are trying to run gmpc with a wrong libmpd version.


A release of gmpc is coming close, just a few things to fix left. I probably don’t release gmpc directly, so I am able to clean up some of the “core” plugins (and gmpc can be beta-tested).

In the future I hope todo more minor release to avoid having to deal with the above problems.