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Sitecom Wireless PC Lock – Continued 2

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I’ve made the following changes:

It is still nothing more then a quick hack. It doesn’t have a configure script, so you need to make sure you have libusb-dev and gtk+-2.10-dev installed. ( I’ve hacked the makefile to check if gtk and libusb is availible, but not sure if that works).

You also need to make sure that the program is allowed to bind the usb device (see previous blog for udev rule).

You can get the tarball: here

If somebody can donate another wireless pc lock (f.e. from sitecom) I will continue to develop on this, making it cleaner, and try to implement transmitter detection.
It is kinda cool to walk away from your computer, seeing the screen lock, and the music paused. and when coming back see the screen unlock and having the music continue.