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Virus Virus and yet another virus

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I help some people with keeping the pc’s running. A while back I helped with some network problems (a router that dropped dead) and noticed on the pc of his daughter that it was Terrible slow, and the hard disk was spinning like a madman. Limewire seemed to be the cause of it, but refused to shutdown.  So today I reinstalled it, first I’ve made a little backup (15gig). After I made the backup I ran clamav over the backup, after clamav was done, only 4.2 gig was left.  For some  reason in a folder (not even terrible good hidden) there was around more then 10 gig of file (file names with all sort of fancy names, in all sizes) all affected with viruses.  Then windows was happy to pull some stunts on me, (like not willing to mount the fat32 backup disk even when it saw the hard disk, it said the status  was ok,  active, 20% full etc)

I think I am not going to touch another windows pc for a while… It does nothing then providing frustration.