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Permissions, Inventory and torture

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Well I start with the torture…

Fixed my bike tomorrow (I lost a part Saturday :D ) and I drove another 40 km this afternoon.. The combination of the very hot weather hitting on my lungs together with all the pollen. :D .. Not fun (Airflow meter indicated around 50-60% effective capacity after the ride) and it hurts when breathing. But beside that it went pretty well. Tomorrow again.

Permissions. It seems that the whole Idea behind the filesystem permissions, and running daemons as different users is hard to understand/use for users. Not only to new linux users. Anybody knows a good page explaining how it works, how to set permissions, check them, the idea behind it, etc?

Inventory. I’ve started, as I’ve been promising for years now, to rewrite inventory. It is in a very early stage, but I’ve started and it looks like it’s starting to work. More to come, More to come. (Here a small article about the previous version).
And a Screenshot: