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Dualscreen on laptop. Ati done something right.

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With my Workstation non-functioning, I hooked up my laptop to my KVM.  Because I need a resonably fast pc (my mac mini doesn’t realy qualify as that) to work on (with matlab installed).

Plugged the kvm in, started laptop… but X was still only on my laptop monitor. So I took the easy way, fired up fireglcontrolpanel, selected clone mode. Restarted X and that worked fine. (had to bring resolution down from 1400×1050 on my laptop, but that’s all).  offcourse with 2 screen’s attached, you don’t realy want cloned mode. So started fireglcontrolpanel again, and selected “Big Horizontal Desktop”, and (to be on the safeside) modified in my xorg.conf the maximum resolution to 1280×1024.  Restarted X again, and it worked in gdm, but not gnome. A quick trip to the “screen resolution preferences” solved this too (it was still set on 1280×1024, setting this on 2560×1024 solved the problem).

But what realy amazed me was, that opengl still worked, on one screen, on the other, and even when the texture spanned both screen. That is something I haven’t experienced before, nice. and I am getting the same ~2000fps with glxgears.

I am probly going to use this setup for a while, because my pc will be gone into reparation for while.  Now there is one thing I shouldn’t forget, that when I take my laptop with me again, I don’t forget to set it to single monitor setup again, because I have no idea what it does with no second screen attached.