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Good support from linksys

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last night my new router crashed again. it happens around once a week. So, slightly irritated, I mailed linksys with my problem. Today I got an e-mail asking for aditional information, happy the replied this fast, I mailed then the requested info (allready after 17:00). To my big amazing, I got a reply a few minutes later. The reply had 2 firmware upgrade attached (for both “versions” that are on the markt of this router), with some instructions how to apply it, to take care of the order to try them. I’ve updated the firmware, and I hope that the problems are now solved.

But I was amezed by the very quick reply (outside normal office hours), and the way it was handled. No useless check you have to preform or moving of the blame. Things like this make my buy linksys again.


p.s. the new meta-data system in gmpc seems to start working, I can now search and show an artist image: (for now only supported by mdcover plugin, but adding a source should be easy.)
Artits image in gmpc