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I’ve implemented the changes to the backend as described in my previous blog. It went easier then I thought, and it was done pretty quickly. To get finally stuck on something trivial.. if you increase the size of an array,  you don’t have to forget initializing the “new” part.

The speed seems to be improved, I removed most of the code away from the idle loop, because it’s fast enough to be done in a single run. I can now use it on the imac, over a slow (bridged wifi) network, withouth any problems, or slowdowns. It takes 5-6 seconds from start-> playlist visible. This isn’t bad on such a machine. So I hope the backend is “stabilized” again, and I can continue to work on my gui changes.


Today a massif run of blog spam started, I am getting ton’s of comments with uri’s on old posts. I have deleted allready 28 spam posts, and I just see another one arrive. Time to turn of comments again. It’s realy frustrating you cannot run a forum, a blog or whatever withouth getting spammed.