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Small changes for a polished feel

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On my laptop a few small things has changed, realy minor. But it is a huge difference in “user-experiense”

If I used the hardware volume buttons on my laptop (ibm Thinkpad T42), this now controls the PCM slider in the mixer. (first it was independent of any slider), and gnome shows the popup also mute works.

One update later, when I put my laptop stanby, during “preparing for standby” it now starts flashing the standby led.

These small things give a polished feel to everything. Maybe even more then that I now have WAP working out of the box with NetworkManager. (tomorrow I am gonna try wap-peap on the uni with NetworkManager)


I’ve been playing around with the playlist a bit, I’ve decided to make the playlist now the “main window”, like it is in banshee/rhythmbox/itunes and most other players. How I am going todo things exactly I don’t know, but this is a screenshot of how it looked a few hours back: