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I hope it doesn’t cause much problems for planet.nl.gnome.org.

I must say the new admin interface looks very fancy. I wonder if I can get the nice “you see what you get editor”.

I might enable comments later again. (I want to check out some anti-spam stuff first).

I’ve wrote a small patch for mpd today allowing you to see the content of stored playlists. It’s a very simple, but often requested feature. (I allready commited in svn). I’ve also update gmpc/libmpd to support this new option.

Gmpd playlist showing stored playlist content

I’ve also fixed some more bugs in gmpc.  I think I can finally say I am getting happy with the interface.

Hopefully I can do some more stuff tomorrow.

I wonder what would be the easiest way of finding out how much gmpc is used, and what versions. Alot of distrobutions still ship gmpc 0.11.*, that is 2 stable releases ago, and alot has improved.

If you have comments, mail them to me.