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Reason I actually bought a mac mini

Tags General  Beside being a nice small machine, I bought my mac mini to be able todo some basic desktop work (contacts, todo, agenda) and sync this with my palm. I never got this to work nicely in gnome. With evolution I always had the following problems: you get like 1000 empty/duplicate todo items, contacts are duplicated everytime you sync, appointments arent transferred or also duplicated, contacts in evolution gone missing, etc… (jpilot works, but isn’t the most userfriendly pim) I gave it another try again on dapper again. * First gpilot, this is a very short story, It didn’t find the palm, even with the initial sync. This seems to be a known problem [f.e.][1] * Multi-sync: Palm is seen, I can configure everything, but on sync it only checks out the user, then closes the connection. So nothing is transferred and my palm gives an error about lost connection. Different cofigurations/syncing rules doesn’t solve the problem. I think gnome should focus on daily stuff like this for the next release. Speed is nice, no doubt about that, but being able to use that speed is better.


p.s. most sarcastic is that syncing with osX creates agenda points that crash agendus on my palm since the last osX update….