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Linux on Mac Mini

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The sage continues, I’ve spend/wasted (again) severall hours on my mac mini.
The problem is with the usb system.
Some “quircks” I notice (withouth actually going wrong) my soudblaster live 1024 24bit externall only works when plugged in the mac mini directly with a short usb cable.
On macosX or other pc’s running linux it doesn’t mind if I include an usb hub or 5 m usb cable, but on my mac I get errors back from alsa saying: “3bit audio not supported by this device” (helpfull isn’t it)

But it get worse, on my mac mini if I plugin it and plug out hardware severall time (f.e. subsequential palm sync’s) after a while the usb system stops responding to newly attached hardware, and if you unplug an working device, it will crash completely.

This last “geintje” cost me alot of time, because you need to reboot (it won’t so you have to turn it off, and on again) and then hope it won’t crash this time.
Also my usb-serial adapter is a guaranteed usb system crash. (I should file a bug against this…).

So this morning I spend hours doing 2 things, resulting in having done almost nothing.

Wait you haven’t said anything about the 2nd thing, no I didn’t. Because I couldn’t get it to work, or I don’t know if I did.
gpilotd -> no decent doc found.
pilot-link -> http://www.pilot-link.org/ let me get an example, let see how jpilot uses it.
jpilot -> Ok, it does some mad record parsing for me, cool. Let modify the synctime plugin to write out a xml file of the todo list…….
but I won’t get it to compile, configure won’t run because of missing gtk1 macro’s…. (I enabled the gtk2 interface)….
Removing from configure.in, try again, another error MKINSTALLDIR syntax error on line ….. in configure.in
that line doesn’t exists in the configure.in…
So I ended up having done nothing at all ™

Let’s hope the rest of the day is less frustrating.


p.s. my ical still creates events that crashes agendus on my palm, I should look into buying a new version of agendus… but I don’t have a credit card, nor do I intend to get one for just one purchase.