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I’ve bought a scanner yesterday.. It’s a Canon Lide 25. Simple, cheap and works under linux and mac osX.
It’s one of those usefull things to have.
I only have one (small) problem with it, the usb output of my mac mini is so weak (the scanner runs fully on usb, doesnt have it’s own psu) that on some scan’s it fails… pluggin it in a powered usb hub solved the problem.

Xsane (on dapper, breezy doesn’t seem to regonize the scanner) directly sees the scanner and realy works well. But the gui could use some hig love… I wonder if there are alternative gui’s.

I’ve been trying out xfce, after being told todo so many times, and it actually improved alot. Thunar being one of the best changes they made. It’s kinda funny that if you minimize a window, xfwm (or what part) places a icon on the desktop. Haven’t seen that in a long time.

Futher I’ve updated the xml layout of gtodo2, no more pushing attributes in a field called attribute.. It’s in svn, so feel free to test it out. (It doesn’t overwrite/open the old task files)

GMPC 0.13-release candidate 1 only has one real “bug” until now… If nothing else shows up, I’m gonna do a release wensday.