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GMPC 0.13 “Cover Art Frenzy” Release Candidate 1

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Yesterday I made a release candidate 1 of gmpc 0.13:here
Allready 1 bug has been found, I forgot to update the about box.
I’ll try to make “release” ready versions of the plugins the next few days, and hopefully make a release somewhere next week. (depending on the amount of bugs found).

Anybody having a few minutes to spare (and running mpd), give it a try.
It works with mpd 0.11 and higher (dunno about < 0.11), but alot of extra features come availible if you use mpd from svn. (It's more stable then the last release, but shank still hasn't got around to make a release.).


p.s. for a quick preview of the new gmpc see here</p>