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Development slowly gaining speed again

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I saw this blog and I cannot agree more.
I just don’t feel at home in MacOsX.
One of the things that irritate me most, is the lack of mnemonics and often odd keybindings that cannot be hit with one hand, or require 3 fingers (on one hand) to be located closely to eachother (not that easy to hit when typing with 10 fingers layout, withouth repositioning your hand).
I can make a whole list here, but I won’t.

Development on gmpc/libmpd is making some progress again. I’ve moved the libmpd documentation to doxygen. I couldn’t get gtk-doc to work the way I wanted. I am having more luck with doxygen, the only con is the that the output of doxygen is less nice.
I am also trying to clean up the return code’s of the functions, and I am thinking of adding assert when the code winds up in places it shouldn’t be (instead of just returning that function).

All this work on libmpd will delay the release of gmpc a bit more, but I want to have it right before making a release. I don’t feel like having to break the complete api again for the following release.

After the next release of gmpc/libmpd I plan to stop adding new features for a while, and concentrate on rewriting inventory and gtodo.


listening to: L’absente – Yann Tiersen.

p.s. I changed the markup of gmpd-qosd plugin (and removed the rounded corners) to look like the screenshot I saw on p.g.o.