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VMWare player

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I’ve installed vmware-player on my amd64 today. So I could install a 32bit linux. (Need flash from time to time).
This way I don’t have to fiddle with a 32bit chroot or anything.
Vmware-player is so incredible fast compared to qemu, and with a 10 second google I found a way to create my own images.

I also installed a win2k in a empty image (I have the cd not for nothing), and to my amazing, it’s very very fast. Esp. Ms Word/Excell are blazing fast. They both start in less then a second, and outrun abiword easily.

I know window 2000 and office 2000 are severall years old, and you cannot compare it to a linux system from today. But the difference is so big, that I realy starting to worry about the speed of linux.
I _could_ be linux has some slow downs because windows is 32bit, and my linux is pure 64bit. But the difference is a bit to big.
I can open a word document severall times faster then I can open evolution and start writing a new e-mail message, that is just crazy. (I started using mutt again for a reason).

Back on the gmpc track, I hope to release gmpc in the coming weeks. Because of some health problems it’s gonna be slightly delayed (same for gtodo).

I plan todo code cleanups on gmpc, and nothing beside that.
And finish a first “stable” release of libmpd.

Crawling along on my linux machine.