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Gmpc bug-count

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I’ve been spending some extra time on gmpc, and I’m down to only 3 tickets left in mantis. All 3 are feature requests.

If you want some feature in before the next release, or find a bug, please commit it.

The following things I want to have done are:

Before I can release I also have to make a release of libmpd. This one has more tickets left in the bug-tracker. Again mostly documentation, I have to finish the api reference (maybe a gtkdoc guru can help me here?) and need to figure out how todo the versioning correct.
If you look in /usr/lib/ you see them numbered like lib….so.1.1.4 and that linked to .so and .so.1. But I have no idea how todo that.
I always get libmpd.so.0.0.0

But if there are gmpc fan’s reading this, a release is getting close..
(I should start cleaning up, renaming and list all plugins I’ve been writing over the past few weeks)