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New Workstation

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I bought a new pc as workstation today, bye bye 1.2 Ghz Amd Thunderbird. Welcome amd64 3200.
For the first time I bought a pre-assembled pc, it’s cheaper then I can build it.
It has 512 mb ram (bit low, but I can easily expand that), 160 gig sata disc, dual layer dvd burner, card reader, an ati x550 256mb and a very very nice case. (everything clicks, you can remove/add pci card/hardisks and cdroms withouth touching a screw driver…)
I think it’s a good buy, now to burn the windows XP recovery cd and install ubuntu on it.


I was using Webcomic collector to fetch my daily comic, and wrote a small frontend for it. (never released it).
But webcomic collector’s development seems to be dead, svn doesn’t compile, and comic defenitions don’t get updated.
So I looked around for another program, after some searching I found dosage. It looks very promising, bit rough here and there, but I think it has potential. (and it’s still being developed, and they have an irc channel).
So I start changing my client to support it, imported there python module and added some code to add and fetch comics using it.. I hope to get it release ready in a few days..


p.s. offcourse, a screenshot