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I know I wrote/blogged about this many time before.
But I am still looking for some good help with gtodo. I still get on a almost weekly bases e-mails to thank me for gtodo, requests and offers to translate.

The following things I want todo on gtodo (1):

If you use gtodo and you can spend some time working on it, (and want to work on it off-course), please let me know.


I’ve been spending the last few days cleaning up the code, and moving some of the internal part to the plugin structure. Hopefully this will make gmpc a little bit better to maintain. At the moment its almost 400kbyte of C code, not counting libmpd, and this is allready after I removed alot of code.
I also decided to “fix” the pkg-config problem: The PKG_CHECK_MODULES macro doesn’t report what fails anymore, making it hard to detect what dependency is missing. So I split it off, so it checks for every dependency seperate. I am also looking for some code to grab a key “desktop wide”.

more later,