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Internet at high speed

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I know it has a bit of a geek-factor, but I am internetting @ between 120-140 km/h.
It’s a test of the dutch railroad company (NS), this train has wireless internet and information displays.
The internet connection isn’t realy fast, comparable to dailup. I also had some problem with disconnecting.
But a fun experiment of the NS L@B.

What I also often notice in the train is, that alot of people have there laptop’s advertising an ad-hoc network.
Everytime I travel by train I can find atleast one ad-hoc network. I always turn my wifi off to save power.
(allthough I have a power-outlet in this train).

I started moving my website to CMS Made Simple, I hope to have this done before the end of the year. Because I haven’t updated the old website alot, I can’t just copy the content, but I have to rewrite most of it. not something I enjoy todo.

There are still alot of small bugs to fix in gmpc, and one or to handlers to implement for the plugin system, but it’s mostly done. So yet another release is coming fast. Before the release I want to have the plugin api documented before the release and provide severall plugins and example code. If you have ideas for plugins, let me know.

There is going to be one thing holding back gmpc’s release, libmpd. I need to move some stuff in the api because it’s unlogical atm. This needs to be done before releasing 0.10.0 because I don’t want to have big api breakage after that.
I hope more and more programs will be using it when a stable release is made, it is pretty nice.

More blog later, I am almost at my destination.