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I wanted to do some work on my website again. At the moment it’s half split between my old system, some php file I wrote, and etomite, some cms I am not liking anymore.
As a start I moved my blog to wordpress today, it looks good. Hopefully it stays working fine.

I am also looking for a simple, preferable not sql based, cms but I haven’t found anything. I probly give my old system work work and use that again. (Suggestions are welcome, I’ve enabled comments).

I need to update my new website so I can post some stuff I’m working on for libmpd (api) and gmpc.
Gmpc has now a new configure window, plugin support and as requested many times, a small optional player in the playlist manager.

There are also some fancy plugins like a xosd plugin, wikipedia lookup and a playlist generator.
I am also working on a system to provide the client(s) with some nice metadata.
This allows for some fancy things like this.

I am also working on gtodo2, but it’s going very slowly. Suggestions an help is (again) welcome. (screenshot)

Hopefully more blogs later,